Fruit Pizza!

This is one family treat that never gets old. As we reach the end of the fresh fruit season, it is nice to enjoy one last taste of summer. I really enjoy making these when I know the neighborhood kids are coming over. It is great TV free entertainment! I usually make one large cookie sheet and a few individual cookies for each child to decorate individually. Trust me the kids won’t be the only ones enjoying this treat!          -Anna

Fruit Pizza!Printer Friendly: Fruit Pizza

1 pkg of refrigerated sugar cookie dough (Don’t have cookie dough on hand? That’s ok! You can make some just as easily!)

1 Can of pineapple or 1 fresh pineapple

2 or 3 bananas (Be sure to dip the bananas in the pineapple juice or some orange juice to keep them from turning)

10+ strawberries (Washed and capped)

1 carton of blueberries (washed)

1 mango (optional)

1 kiwi (optional)

1 8 oz. cream cheese (Can be plain or mix it up with a flavor like strawberry or pecan)

1 Coolwhip

1. Roll out the cookie dough on a cookie sheet. Try to make it a about 1/2 inch thick.

2. Bake cookie dough according to directions on package. The cookie should be light brown.

3. Let cookie cool. Meanwhile, mix the cream cheese and cool whip together using a mixer (may be a little lumpy but that is ok!)

4. Cut up your fruit to be bite sized pieces/slices.

5. Ice your cookie(s) with the Coolwhip mixture and begin decorating with fruit! Have fun & Enjoy!