Herbs & Vegetables

We want to provide you with an idea of the different fruits and veggies varieties you can purchase here at Flowers’. Please contact us for inquires on specific varieties not listed.


Purple Ruffle Basil Sweet Basil Minette Basil Lg. Leaf Italian Basil
Catmint Chives Garlic Chives Coriander(Celantro)
Fernleaf Dill Dill Parsley Italian Parsley
Favorite Parsley Lavender Tarragon Onion Candy
Lettuce Calmar Sweet Margoram Sage Penny Royal

Vegetables and Fruits

Beet Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Broccoli Sangria Watermelon
Cabbage Cantelope
Cauliflower Muskmelon
Collards Blueberry Bushes
Corn Strawberries


Big Bertha California Wonder Cayenne
Cherry Bomb Golden Summer Habanero
Habanero Red Holy Mole Jalapeno
Manderine Red Skin Hungarian Sweet
Hungarian Hot Poblano Anaheim Chili
Toro Cowhorn Garden Salsa
Golden Bell Pimento Red Knight
Sweet Cherry Tobasco Tam Jalapeno (Mild)
Tepin Chablis Thai Hot

Jalapeno peppers just not hot enough? We are going to be selling the infamous Ghost and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. These peppers have been known to make even the Capsaicin Connoisseurs rush for their water glass!


Big Beef Brandywine Bradley
Big Boy Better Boy Better Bush
Supersweet 100 Patio Rutgers
Delicious Early Girl German Johnson
Heinz Pink Girl Beef Master
Cherokee Purple Celebrity Juliette
Gulf State Roma Beef Steak
Sugary Giant Belgium Golden Jubilee
Parks Whoppers