Processing Polices

Important Notes Before Arriving at Flowers’:

  • Due to laws in Tennessee, each deer must be accompanied by the permanent kill tag that will remain with your deer through processing.

    (Check in Available at TWRA Online Deer Check-in Website)

  • The deer must be field dressed before arrival at Flowers’ Deer Processing.

     Archers – If you think there may still be a broadhead in the deer, please let us know.

We are a proud supporter of Hunters for the Hungry and meat can be donated to that cause.

 Preserving Meat if You Cannot Drop of Your Deer Immediately

At Flowers’ we take pride in giving you back the deer meat you brought in. In order to give you the best quality we can, we ask you to take a few extra steps to preserve the freshness of your deer meat.

  • Field dress your deer. The organs hold heat. The quicker the organs are removed the faster the meat will cool down and preserve freshness.
  • Spray off the deer inside and out. DO NOT use stream or pond water. Especially if the deer was gut shot, pulled through the mud, or if organs were cut during field dressing.  Any kind of fluids resting on the meat act like a marinade and can taint the flavor.
  • Pack the chest cavity and between the hind legs with bags of ice.
  • Store your deer in a cool safe place, away from pets and insects. 


We accept cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). Payment is made upon pickup.


You will receive a phone call when the processing of your deer is complete. Please plan to pick up your deer meat the day you are called.


*ATTENTION: If your deer is not picked up within 5 days after you were notified, your deer will be disposed of.