Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked:

Garden Center Questions

Are we open to the public?
Yes!  Flowers’ Garden Center, 4550 Eatons Creek Road, Nashville, TN…615-876-8493… See you Spring 2020!

Do we have mulch?
Yes, we sell mulch by the yard load. Be sure to bring your truck and trailer!

Do we have heirlooms?
Yes, we sell a variety of heirloom vegetables that we grow on site. You get plants straight from the greenhouses!

Deer Processing Questions

Do we sell deer meat?
No, in the state of TN it is illegal to sell wild game. Hunters bring us a deer and pay us for the processing and packaging. The hunter picks up the same meat that was dropped off.

Do we have a 2 week turnaround?
No, we get them in, get them out. We on average get the meat ready in 5 days or less. We will give you a call when it’s ready.

Do we field dress a deer?
No, we have to have the deer field dress before they arrive.

Do we check-in deer?
No, we are not a check in station. To make the drop off faster and easier for you and all the other hunters behind you please have your deer checked in. You can also have your confirmation number ready.

Can we make an entire deer into sausage?
No, our seasonings are weighed specifically for 25lbs of meat. Since you get the deer meat back that you dropped off you may not have enough meat for more than one batch. The average TN deer is only big enough for one batch of sausage.

Can you donate a deer?
Yes, we are proud supporter of Hunters For The Hungry. We do not accept yearlings or meat that appears ruined into this program. Please treat the meat the way you would feel comfortable eating it.

Are you open Christmas Eve?
Yes, we are open everyday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Days. We do close a few hours early on the Eve of those days. Call 615-876-8493 to check with us.

Oh no, I got out of the woods late and your closed. What do I do with my deer?

Field dress the deer and pack ice in the chest cavity and between the hams. Place the deer in a cool dry place safe from animals. We are open Monday – Saturday 8AM – 8PM; Sunday 12PM – 8PM (Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day). Please plan accordingly.